Multiple RSS Feeds

If you’ve been here before, you may have noticed the very LARGE RSS feed icon on the upper righthand side has been replaced by 2 smaller versions – one for the main Posts, one for user Comments. 

Nothing particularly earthshaking about any of this, I only mention it in case any of you who do subscribe via RSS find things not working etc.  Please let me know if you do see anything out of the ordinary. 

I’ve had the Comments feed ever since I signed up for Feedburner, but had just never gotten around to changing my theme to allow for both feeds.  Now you all have that option.  Ta-Dah!

More changes are coming – but first I have to upgrade to WordPress 2.5 and make sure that transition goes smoothly.  If you happen to drop by and things are f**ked – well, then you know that the transition did NOT go smoothly.

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  1. Joanne Lose says:

    You are a very smart individual!

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