Movie Review: Green Lantern

I went to a sneak preview of ‘Green Lantern’ last Wednesday, but with my crazy life I’ve just now had a chance to talk about it.  Since then, LOTS of negative reviews have surfaced and to be honest – as silly as parts of this movie were, I don’t really think it deserves to be totally bashed. is currently giving it 6.4 stars out of 10, after almost 5,000 votes.  That seems about right, but let’s start at the beginning.

Ryan Reynolds plays the much coveted role of Hal Jordan, who is arguably the most famous of the SIX different incarnations of the Green Lantern that have been in the comics (and I’m sure some geek out there will correct me with a little known 7th version buried in some obscure ashcan issue of Justice League, somewhere).  Think what you will of Mr. Reynolds, but he naturally resembles Hal Jordan, he’s capable of acting and according to 98% of the women of the United States (and about 10% of the men), he’s very easy on the eyes.  He’s a MUCH better choice than the notorious Jack Black version that was in the works a few years ago, which was mercifully canned due to ‘extreme negative fan reaction’.  We call that ‘common sense’ in these parts, but I digress.

Jordan is a crack test fighter pilot and general cad, with huge daddy issues and a real problem with authority.  When an alien being assigned to guard our part of the universe fatally crashes down in his neck of the woods, it’s no surprise that the superior intelligence of the alien’s ‘power ring’ chooses Jordan as the next successor to the role of Green Lantern – cause like there was NO ONE ELSE MORE QUALIFIED ON THE WHOLE PLANET.  Yeah, the story reaches a bit (mind you – the ring overlooked Superman for the job).  Ok, it reaches A LOT.  But hey, it’s true to the comic, so you gotta give’em that much.

Anyhow, Jordan reluctantly accepts the mantle of responsibility and is whisked away to be trained by other Green Lanterns who come to find that humans pretty much suck at this super-hero thingy.  Should’ve picked Superman, I tell ya’.   Meanwhile a pissed off intergalactic blob monster is bent on destroying the universe & no one in green tights can seem to kick it’s ass.  The horror, the horror.

Female love interest Blake Lively is completely unbelievable in her role as a Top Gun fighter pilot/business prodigy Carol Ferris but I think this is more due to her smokin’ hot looks and youthful appearance.  Sorry Blake – they really needed someone a little rougher around the edges, but you shore are purty.   Call me.

CGI dominates the remaining storyline, albeit very well done CGI.  Still, it doesn’t make up for character development, plot or pacing – but it shore was purty too.  I liken the whole experience to the Spiderman or Ironman movies.  If you think those should’ve won an Oscar for best picture, then you’re gonna poop yourself over this new one.  If you’re like me & see it for the entertainment it was intended to be (money sucking, franchise making entertainment at that), then you might snicker inappropriately at parts of the story, or find yourself rooting for the villain (“Blast him again, monster thingy.  Blast him again!!”) but it’s ultimately a good escape and the 3-d has come a long way from when Friday the Thirteenth tried it in the 80’s (“What was that blurry thing?” “it was Jason” “Oh, I thought it was an albino wrestler”).

I recommend catching this one while it’s still on the big screen because nothing at home can deliver the eeew’s and aaah’s like a two story movie screen full of 3 dimensional greeniness.  Along with the obligatory over-priced buttered popcorn while sitting in seats that smell like old ass.  Ah, it was good to get back to a theater again.

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