Is Gene Simmons a Liar?

I was sucked into last night’s episode of ‘Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels’ on A&E, as it was the heavily promoted episode where Gene subjects himself to a lie detector test over questions to his faithfulness to longtime girlfriend & former Playboy playmate Shannon Tweed.  Live on the air in LA with Adam Carolla and Danny Bonaduce, no less.

If you still haven’t seen and/or heard the results, stop reading now as I’m gonna spoil it all for you.

Ok, now that the lone guy in Poughkeepsie has stopped reading, let’s continue.  First off, I love the show, it cracks me up but there is no way in hell it’s not at least partially scripted.  Too many ‘coincidences’, y’know?  And let’s face it, Gene has a great family but they’re not going to win any Academy awards for faking surprise.   It’s still a fun watch, don’t get me wrong – but let’s call it like it is, shall we?  S.C.R.I.P.T.E.D.

Now, as for the ‘moment of truth’, I’m appalled at how many ‘slow pitches’ were thrown out, by both radio hosts,  to Gene.  C’mon guys, we’re not that stupid!  The most glaring example is in the first couple of questions, Danny points out the difference between asking “Have you really slept with over 4600 women?” and the intension of that question – “Did you have SEX with over 4600 women?”. 

Of course, Gene denys the question in it’s first incarnation – apparently he had sex and then left.  No sleeping or cuddle time.  Hey, he never claimed he had sex with over 4600 EMOTIONALLY SATISFIED women, did he?  Not until Bonaduce rephrases the question does he come clean – yes, he did in fact have that much sex.  Damn him.

So, now the precedent has been set; Simmons is a tricky little bastard.   With that in mind, then WHY did Carolla phrase the big question, the one everybody tuned in to see, as “Have you MADE LOVE to any women since dating Shannon in 1983”.  I’m paraphrasing, but the key phrase is ‘made love’. 

Of course Gene denies it and everybody’s happy.  “Oh, that guy!  He’s such a braggart – but he would NEVER do that to Shannon.”

Or would he?  No one asked him “Gene, have you had sex of any type with any other woman or girl since you started seeing Shannon back in 1983?”  I’m thinking we would have had an entirely different ending to the story. 

Look, I think everyone including Shannon knows the score.  And if she’s happy, great – it’s a win.  But I don’t think America was fooled, especially by an 8th grade word game in how the question is phrased.  Besides, you know the credibility is lacking in any lie detector test that marks as a truthful answer Simmons saying his hair is in fact real. 

I’m gullable and even I didn’t buy that one.

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6 Responses to “Is Gene Simmons a Liar?”

  1. tesco says:

    I think it’s great that they didn’t push the question. I think that’s all Shannon wanted to hear. I hate to say it, but even though I can’t stand reality shows, I love his show. He’s always been a very impressive man and considering his business sense and confidence, he’s actually very entertaining to watch.

    Of course, I could still have a bit of that over enamored little 10 year old KISS fan left in me. 😉

  2. RevMortis says:

    Tesco is right. Pushing the envelope would’ve been uncomfortable to watch and downright messy. And most likely, completely unnecessary as Shannon did achieve her goals – at least personally.

    And as for admiring Gene, hey, who DOESN’T still have that little 10 year old KISS Fan in us?

  3. Danifer says:

    I just watched this show on DVD last night. I was completely disappointed in the phrasing of the question. That alone, I believe, proves he is guilty. I know that after 24 years together, they have to love each other and perhaps Shannon was only concerned about the possibility of him loving someone else. But I don’t care who he is, if he had sex in any way with someone else while he was committed to Shannon, it is wrong. Thanks for the post, I needed to vent to someone a year or so after the fact 🙂

  4. RevMortis says:

    Good comments. Thanks! As I’ve watched other episodes of the show, one thing is clear to me – this ain’t reality television. It couldn’t be more scripted if you heard ‘CUT’ at the end of each scene.

    That being said, the show IS entertaining but when you think about this episode in particular, why did they even broach this subject? Was it done to be cathartic or to exploit those interested in a question that Mr. Simmons probably hears every day? My money is on the exploitation angle, personally. Anything to make a buck.

  5. Johnica1 says:

    All of this is very interesting but no matter how old or how scripted that episode was, the truth is still that they are a very funny and interesting family. Yes a lot of crazy things happen to them but hey at least it happens to them and not us. I personally admire them and the fact that they are one of the most normal and grounded famous families around. The kids are wonderful and caring, not at all spoiled like most millionaires children and no matter what has happened between gene and Shannon, for twenty four years she has been his ‘front man’ which a lot of people cant claim in a relationship famous or not. No matter what he has done, wrong or right he has told the world she is the number one in his life and at the end of the day shes the one living in a mansion with the kids and a never ending expense account. No, money doeskin buy happiness but it sure pays the bills and in today’s economy I can be happy by myself if I know I can pay the rent.

  6. RevMortis says:

    Good points. I guess when it’s all said & done, I’m a little disappointed that Shannon doesn’t demand more of her relationship with Gene (like perhaps complete honesty?). Still, they did raise good kids & none of us really knows what goes on behind their closed doors. Thanks for the input!

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