Concert Review: AxCx – The Summit – 4/30/2011

Often considered one of the most offensive bands on the planet, last Friday I braved my first live performance of the notorious Anal Cunt (or AxCx for the politically correct crowd). If you’re familiar with their body of work, you know that this Grindcore/Punk act from Newton, Massachusetts have been upsetting nearly everyone since 1988, with songs generally lasting 40 seconds & involving nothing more than rudimentary albeit heavily distorted, guitar thrashing – blasting drumbeats and screeching vocals of blasphemous, hate ridden lyrics. Ok, so I had to see this for myself.

All 3 opening acts were local bands from Columbus, and all three were pretty much the same; Noisecore-ish, experimental in places and buried in distortion. One thing I admire about such bands is that they are intentionally committing commercial suicide – playing instead for their love of the music. I have NO idea if I agree with their lyrical content as I couldn’t make it out. For any of them.

A. C. arrived about 2 hours late (no sound check, given the time constraints) which had them hitting the stage near 1am. I found that to be amusingly ‘rock star’ of them, and the fact that they played exactly 25 minutes even more so. Still, founding member/vocalist Seth Putnam (now looking like a Motley Crue roady), uber-distortion guitarist Josh Martin (who had trouble remembering what city he was in) and drummer Tim Morse demolished their way thru a relentlessly loud, feedback infested set of noise, screams, more noise, and then even more screaming – like the grind veterans that they are. In other words, a typical A. C. show.

Seth Putnam was in a coma in 2004 for nearly 30 days, an event that has left him paralyzed & with nerve damage requiring months of physical therapy. He clearly had trouble moving around, and sometimes was hard to understand, but was friendly to the fans and was still fully capable of the inhuman screams for which he is known.

The band played some newer material (“Fuck Yeah” is a decent bit, despite being ‘cock rock’ by the band’s own admission) as well as classic pieces like “Harvey Korman is Gay”. The rest was a pile-driving wall of fuzz and feedback squeals – and one off color joke sandwiched in the middle.

Here’s a live clip from their label’s website. Follow the link for some amusing road footage as well. BE WARNED – this is definitely NOT politically correct, as the band wouldn’t have it any other way. To quote Josh Martin to a heckler in the crowd “Shut up F____, you’re the one who paid to get in here”. Consider yourself advised.

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