Concert Review: Bobaflex

On April 20th, I decided to attend an unusual radio event sponsored by one of my favorite rock stations here in Columbus – 99.7 The Blitz. The station was hosting a ‘Town Hall’ at the LC Pavilion, providing listeners an opportunity to learn how the station was doing presently and most importantly, it provided a forum to offer suggestions/insight into how we (the listening audience) thought they could improve. As someone who works in the media business, I’ve often admired The Blitz’s other marketing efforts, especially their social media work which allows unprecedented access to their on-air staff via Facebook, Twitter et al. It’s not surprising to me that a station as forward thinking in those areas would be bold enough to host an event like this – and frankly, I applaud them for doing so. You can hear the entire audio from the meeting at the Blitz homepage HERE.

As a reward for our participation, The Blitz scheduled a ‘special guest’ to perform after the meeting – none other than local favorites Bobaflex (who owe some of their current success to support from The Blitz).  This was great news for me because Bobaflex has been on my ‘To-Do” list for several years now.  And boy do they live up to the hype!

Bobaflex, despite sounding like a workout device, is actually a high energy, polished metal act featuring brothers Shaun & Marty McCoy (as in ‘Hatfield vs. McCoys’ – yeah, THAT family tree) who trade vocal/guitar duties depending on the song.  Powerful & aggressive, this band is every bit as good as anything on the radio today – I completely support them and hope they continue to find success.

Their set featured two of their hits I recognized – “Bury Me With My Guns On” and “Home”, the later being one of the best songs about touring I’ve ever heard.  The video is included below for your consideration.  Other songs included “Vampire”, “Dangerous”, “Better Than Me” and an awesome heavy metal cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s “The Sound Of Silence”.

I see a lot of live acts folks, and these guys are the real deal.   Check’em out if they come to your area – and be prepared to be blown away.

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