Ronnie James Dio’s House For Sale had an interesting article & link to a list on LA Weekly that details the ‘Top Ten LA Musician Mansions for Sale’. No. 1 – a former residence of Mr. Ronnie James Dio. Check it out HERE as unlike some stars where their home looks nothing like you’d expect (Ozzy for example, doesn’t dwell in the blood drenched dungeon I had always envisioned), Dio’s house has tons of antique fixtures, flooring, wallpaper etc. – it’s pretty much EXACTLY where I pictured The Elf bumping around while not on tour. And when I’m talking antique, I mean authentic medieval stuff – not just some 30 or 40 year old sofas.

All of this does nothing to cheer me up regarding my own finances, but it is interesting to see what kind of elaborate homes these folks owned (Mike Ness has one on the list too. Who’d of thought he had that kind of scratch?).

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