Concert Review: All That Remains – Newport Music Hall, 11/12/2010

Sorry I’ve been away. In addition to seeing a ton of shows recently, I also found myself sicker than a dog over the weekend. Gotta Love the Death Cough.

Anyhow, waaay back about 10 days ago I took the twins to see their favorite band in the world – All That Remains. Here’s my impression of that night’s lineup;

And She Whispered – per the band’s own website “And She Whispered is Pop as much as it is hardcore”. Uhm, that’s just wrong on so many levels. Musical blasphemies aside, ASW were notable for two reasons; a median age of about 17 (there’s still time boys! All isn’t lost!!) and for heavy utilization onstage of the “synchronized head flip”. I say ‘flip’ because rather than a standard succession of head ‘bangs’, each musician does a single ‘flip’ with his hair, carefully choreographed in a line together with his mates. Yep, it’s as cheesy as it sounds. Granted, I’m nowhere near the target demo for this band but with songs like “Swagger Like Mick Jagger” & “You Can’t Save The World On An Empty Stomach” – I fear for the future generations.

Born Of Osirus – This band had a significant buzz & being a fan of Nile, I was interested in their Egyptian themed name. So ok, they’re not like Nile – being more of a Screamcore or Deathcore ensemble. Nice use of multi-layered guitar riffs, lots of breakbeats, nicely brutal growling vocals. I liked’em – definitely worth checking out.

Third, and hailing from England, was Asking Alexandria. What is it with these band names? I’m getting old. Anyhow, fronted by a Russell Brand clone (and I don’t really mean anything negative by that), AA also produced some decent Screamcore – slightly more melodic than Born of Osirus, and to me, more memorable as well. Of the three opening acts, I found AA to be the most promising & capable of maintaining relevance 5 years from now. Time will ultimately tell.

All That Remains – Having just released their first Top 10 Album (“For We Are Many”), ATR is as on top of their game as ever. Musically, they’ve never sounded tighter & Phil LaBonte’s vocals seem to have held up nicely to all the rigorous touring. They played 95% of the songs my twins wanted to hear (you just know for every band there’s always that ONE song you wished they’d play) and just annihilated their set. As always, an outstanding show!

Afterward, guitarist Oli Herbert walked out from behind the stage and my girls were quick to catch him. I had to crack up when Tabitha somewhat naively asked him if he’d remembered meeting her from a year ago. Quick witted, and fan friendly, Oli paused for a moment before replying “Well, no – but there WAS alcohol involved”. Well played, Mr. Herbert.

From what I’ve seen, I can fully support this band, their message and their ability to be decent role models for the young hooligans in the moshpit. There’s not too many bands I can say that about.

But enough of my blathering, here’s their latest video, “Hold On” off the ‘For We Are Many’ CD. Enjoy!

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