Cinderella/American Dog – LC Pavilion, Columbus Ohio 6-30-2010

It was SUPPOSED to be The Scorpions Farewell Tour, with Cinderella as opening act. That was what everyone bought tickets to see – The Scorpions Farewell Tour. Except Scorps’ vocalist Klaus Meine was ordered by doctors not to perform for 48 hours, or some such number, due to a serious chest infection that if left untreated & without rest, would literally threaten to end the tour early. For Klaus – no performing, no if’s, no and’s, no but’s. That’s the official story.

Now the cool part; rather than just drive up to Detroit (the next show on the tour), Tom Kiefer and Co. of Cinderella decided they’d perform anyhow – for free. Tickets were refunded, announcements broadcast all over the radio & amazingly, in that short of time frame (about 48 hours again) the powers that be found a new opening act – local boys gone to hell, the shit-kicking party band American Dog. And there was much rejoicing!

So yeah, the whole thing was free. Other than beer costs. Not free at all for me really, but I digress. American Dog – despite a plethora of sound issues during the first 3 songs, came prepared to entertain – and they did. As comfortable on stage as they are with a bottle in their hands, the bastard sons of C-bus laid it down nicely. A lot of new stuff was presented, not all of it as instantly memorable as some of their classics, but thankfully they did pull out their self-proclaimed anthem (and my personal fav) “Drank Too Much”. And yes we all did. Great show boys – as always.

Cinderella was a refreshing step back into my college days – the 80’s. Tom’s voice seems fully recovered from his own health issues and as a band they were in full form. After all this time, I kinda forgot just how many hits these guys have – and they played them all. Among them were “Heartbreak Station”, “Bad Seamstress Blues/Falling Apart At The Seams”, “The Last Mile”, “Somebody Save Me”, “Nobody’s Fool”, “Night Songs”, “Coming Home”, “Gypsy Road”, “Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone) and “Shake Me”.

I was impressed, and absolutely thrilled that I had joined the nearly capacity crowd to see this show. We all hear about the egos of the bands from the Glam era, I’m here to vouch for a band representing pure & honest rock n’ roll that saved a show instead & turned it into something memorable.

Cinderella, hopefully we don’t have to say farewell anytime soon.

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