Darth Metal


What happens if you get a band that mixes Death Metal with a rabid love of Star Wars?  You get Anchorhead, of course!  Self-proclaimed purveyors of ‘Darth Metal’, this British ensemble (not to be confused with the Minnesota band of the same name, eh) sport Star Wars helmets while playing crunchy compositions clearly inspired by the George Lucas movies, and strangely the John Williams scores as well. 

With songs like ‘Return of the Shredi’, ‘Shredisode V Teaser’ and a nifty cover of the ‘Imperial March’ on their Myspace page, you get an idea of what these guys are about.  It’s kinda like ‘When Fanboys Go Bad’.  It is decently played metal, and probably fun to see live (lightsaber duels perhaps?), just not sure how more than an hour of this stuff would feel. 

Go check’em out before Lucasfilms sues them into oblivion at this LOCATION

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