“Dilbert” Creator Exacts Revenge For Fired Employee

So the Desmoines Register is reporting that Scott Adams, the creator of the Dilbert newspaper comic, has begun incorporating a real-life incident as inspiration for the strip.

 Dave Steward, a 7 year employee of the Catfish Bend Casino in Burlington, Iowa was terminated for posting a Dilbert cartoon on an office bulletin board in which a cartoon employee refers to the fictional office bosses as a bunch of ‘drunken lemurs’.  Apparently Steward’s real-life supervisors resembled that remark – or so their actions would indicate.

Adams has taken up the man’s plight and used it within the very strip that caused the ruckus in the first place.  With one of the greatest quotes I’ve heard in a while, in an interview with the Register, Adams said “I know comic fodder when I see it and any chance to mock the humorless is worth the effort”.  Indeed.  Well put, Mr. Adams. 

You can checkout the entire story HERE. And thanks to Fark for mentioning the article in the first place.

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