Exorcism Center to be Built in Poland

So MSNBC.com is reporting that a polish priest, one Rev. Andrzej Trojanowski (tough break on that last name, dude) is planning to build a “spiritual oasis” in the town of Poczernin, about 20 miles from the port city of Szczecin.  It would be the only center in Europe dedicated to exorcisms.

The good reverend believes the services of he and his followers are needed now more than ever.  According to the website, he is quoted as saying “This is my task, this is my purpose – – I want to help these people”.   You can check out the whole story at this location

The article goes on to give examples of some of the more serious cases reported in recent times.  Rev. Wieslaw Jankowski cited a case of a woman who “asked for a divorce days after renewing her wedding vows as part of a marriage counseling program.  What was suspicious, he said, was how the wife suddenly developed a passionate hatred for her husband.”

Look, I’ve been married for 18 years and there’s nothing suspicious about that at all.  The ‘demon’ these boys are looking for is called PMS – or in latin, Vaginagus Incendiarium Castratium.  If this type of behaviour is indicative of demonic possession, I’m booking a flight to Poland for my wife and I as soon as the exorcism factory is finished.

The Devil doesn’t just wear Prada – apparently he does crocs and denim as well.

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