An Evening With Henry Rollins

Y’know, my ‘bucket list’ is quite extensive. After all, I don’t plan on kicking it anytime soon (despite occasional evenings where it appears the contrary). One entry on said list has always been to see/hear Henry Rollins do spoken word. Check that one off – mission accomplished.

Hank came to town on Friday at the LC Pavilion. The wife and I decided last minute to go – hell, that’s pretty much how we make decisions these days.  WTF, it was awesome & I recommend everyone do the same if they get the chance.

Rollins spoke for at least 2 1/2 hours, possibly longer as I was having a cocktail or seven and lost track. Despite his ominous appearance – he was funny, he was well spoken with nary a hesitation or stutter in the entire length of time he was on stage, and most importantly – he was educational as well as entertaining.  Where I thought we might be subjected to egotistical rantings from an extensive repertoire of published works, instead we got conversational monologue that felt personal & unrehearsed (“Newport Music hall – you walk in & smell that smell. . . you’re like ‘REALLY?'”).  Anyone who’s been to the Newport knows EXACTLY what Henry is talking about.

Politically, Rollins makes no bones about his dislike of Ann Coulter or Rush Limbaugh – but wasn’t particularly lenient on the Liberals either.  I like a man who pokes fun at everyone as I pretty much do the same.  Fuck it, I still vote so I can do that.  😛

Regardless, Henry Rollins is a class act & deserving of his Punk Rock icon status in my book.  What could’ve been a regrettable evening of long winded & self important hyperbole was instead a night both my wife and I shall always cherish.

C’ya next time, HR.

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