A Bad Day For Lead Singers

Several articles on Blabbermouth.net have caught my attention, and I’m noticing a theme here – all centered around the vocalists of bands. Troublemakers that they are.

First up, Slash is releasing a different single from his new self-titled album, opting to go with Wolfmother’s Andrew Stockdale singing “By The Sword” over Ozzy singing a little ditty called ‘Crucify The Dead’. Seems there was concern that Ozzy singing for Slash might confuse listeners about Ozzy’s own new upcoming release. Cause we’re all stupid, don’t ya’ know?

Then there’s news that had my twins all astir – Phil LaBonte of All That Remains is filling in temporarily with Killswitch Engage. So yeah, they’re effectively PHILswitch right now. Would love to see that actually, BUT OF COURSE – this won’t be happening anywhere near Columbus, Ohio. Anyhow, here’s hoping that Hojo can resume his rightful place with Killswitch soon.

And most cryptically, Dragonforce released a statement saying they’d parted ways with vocalist ZP Theart (a name that will remove all saliva from your mouth when you say it). Quicker than you can say “fire that intern” the statement was pulled down from the site, but you can still enjoy it word for word HERE (Drat that Google!). Sounds like someone FORGOT to tell ZP first. . . don’t ya’ hate it when that happens? Truthfully, I’d hate to see him go so here’s hoping that egos can be sedated & the boys can get back to playing faster-than-fuck metal.

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