Rob Zombie & Alice Cooper To Tour – Sorry for being away so long.  Work is long, computer virii ain’t fun, [insert excuse du jour here].  Whatever, I’m back.  Rejoice!

And speaking of rejoicing, saw today that one of my ‘dream concert’ pairings is actually gonna happen – Rob Zombie & Alice Cooper.

I know what you’re thinking.  “Rev, didn’t you say in a post a while back that you didn’t think Zombie would be touring much longer?  In fact, Rev. . .didn’t you say you thought the LAST tour was, well. . . the LAST tour??”

My rebuttal, if you were in fact paying that much attention to what I posted so long ago, is “Dude, seriously?  Don’t you have better sites to hang out on?”.  Ok, ok – my rebuttal is actually a simple “yes”.  With Hollywood yapping at his heels, I’m as surprised (albeit pleasantly) as anyone that Mr. Zombie has chosen to resist the Glamour Town siren song a little longer & stay sweaty on the stage in front of loyal metal hellhounds.

Now as always, I just hope I’m able to be one of those hellhounds one more time. Come to Columbus gentlemen – even though Rob is already signed up for Rock On The Range, we’d all go see him twice!

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