And in the final moments. . .I went Zombie

So for weeks I’ve been stewing over the fact that Rob Zombie is coming here, and I NEVER miss a show if I can help it. Not since the White Zombie days. Hell, I met him and Kitty Moon before she was Kitty Moon-Zombie. I’m convinced he did a song on the X-Files soundtrack LOOOONNNNGGGG ago because he saw me with my X-Files t-shirt wandering around backstage. I’m delusional like that – I’m pretty sure he was actually just calling security on me at the time DESPITE my pass (I look shifty, or so my school principal once told me). But I digress. . .

Y’know, it’s gonna be Christmas soon. I’ve gifts to purchase. Bills to pay. Beers to finance. . .

Fuck it, it’s Thanksgiving Eve tomorrow and I’m going to Zombie! W00H00!! Tickets are bought and ride home pre-arranged. GAME ON!

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