Dave Mustaine – “I Like Playing With Guys Who Can Keep Time”

Blabbermouth.net – I thought Dave Mustaine converted to Christianity? If so, apparently forgiveness doesn’t extend to his old band mates in Metallica. Yeah, he was talking about that shit again.

This particular incident comes from the latest issue of Terrorizer, as quoted by Blabbermouth.net. As usual (and splendidly pointed out by a few posters to the site), the interviewer basically feeds these questions to Mustaine to start a rant. How hard has IT EVER BEEN to get Dave Mustaine to rant, hmmm?? That’s like starting a BBQ with jet fuel – it’s gonna light, trust me.

So yeah, Dave’s still bitter and the press cashes in on it. Follow the think if you truly care. Am I no better, you may ask? After all, the Reverend is giving up valuable blog space where we could be discussing female breast buoyancy, pentheraphobia (fear of Mother-in-laws) or a host of other more interesting topics, right?

The answer: no, I’m probably just as guilty EXCEPT for one small exception. I only mention it here ’cause I’m too freakin’ lazy to work on a REAL post today. Hey, at least I’m honest. What’s everyone else’s excuse?

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