Butthole Surfers – Newport Music Hall – 10/05/09

Ok, I always knew these guys were gonna be weird. And yep, they were. But let’s start at the beginning. . .

Arrived at the show in time to catch the final few minutes of Psychic Ills. Mmmmk. To me, and I gotta be honest here, it was about 15 minutes (all one ‘song’) of noise. Ambient noise, if that’s even possible. Hell, I’ve seen opening acts for Skinny Puppy that made more sense. But perhaps, coming in late to the show, I missed something. Like a complimentary round of Prozac. Dunno.

Anyhow, then the “classic” line-up of Gibby Haynes, Paul Leary, Jeff Pinkus (who kindly had his last name on his bass strap to help us all out), King Coffey, and Teresa Taylor took the stage. “Glad we’re all still alive” announced Gibby. Was he talking about the audience or his band mates? I’m thinkin’ the later.

They were loud, they were psycho-aggressive (in an unusual ‘Pink Floyd’ kinda way), and they had a huge screen behind them showing clips of movies and other strangeness (definitely some serious ‘Return of the Living Dead’ footage, I noticed). Gibby wielded a sax and his legendary ‘Gibbytronix’ mixing board to full effect, even singing through a bullhorn for a few songs (also legendary). Paul Leary is a prototype Tom Morello. . .using pick-scraping & other funkiness to create all sorts of strange sounds which was frankly, mesmerizing to behold.

Truthfully, the whole show was quite amazing and I was glad to be there EXCEPT FOR TWO THINGS. Call me sell-out, call me poser [cough, cough pewser cough}. When a band has a Billboard top 40 hit, and they’re ‘reunited’ for a tour, I WANNA HEAR IT! That’s right children, they did not play “Pepper”. Nope, not a smidge. They did play “Who Was in My Room Last Night?” (which I haven’t been able to get out of my head since, BTW), but no “Pepper”. Secondly, there was no burning cymbal (thanks Gibby).

ok, ok. It was still a Surfers show, and a damn good one. Just was hoping for the ‘complete’ show. That’s all I’m sayin’. Go see them if they come to your town. Or rent Guitar Hero II, y’know?

Fuck it. Here’s “Pepper”, the lame-ass ‘official’ version. I know some of you peckerheads don’t know the song, enjoy.

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