Maila Nurmi, TV’s Vampira, Dead at 85.

The AP is reporting that former KABC horror host & ‘Plan 9’ cult heroine Vampira died in her Hollywood home at age 85.  Maila Nurmi, first portrayed the character in 1954 and although was only on the air for about a year, her personality and fame grew amongst the horror community until the end of her life, her fame fueled by a short role in the legendary low budget opus “Plan 9 From Outer Space”.

In 1989, she unsuccessfully tried to sue Cassandra Peterson (Elvira) for reportedly stealing her image but failed to win the case.

Personally, I know I’ve seen her in publicity shots with The Misfits and Famous Monster’s editor Forry Ackerman (but then, who ISN’T in a publicity shot with Forry?).  As a youth, even tho I’m NOT old enough to recall her being a horror movie host, and without regard to the fact that I live on the wrong side of the country, I do remember thinking that she was a real vampire the first time I saw her.  My older sisters may have helped with that assumption, can’t remember for sure now.

Well, perhaps somewhere, someplace Ed Wood, Bela Lugosi, Tor Johnson and herself can now begin a remake of Plan 9 – maybe with a nifty new soundtrack courtesy of Jimi Hendrix.  

Until I see that happen (and hopefully not anytime soon) – rest well, Vampira.


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