Amy Fisher Now Promoting Sex Tape

First off, the golden rule of sexual deviance is NEVER videotape yourself doing anything you’re not prepared to discuss with your Mom, your priest or your kid’s teachers.  NEVER.  No exceptions. . .no “well, we’ll erase it later”. . .”no one will know it’s us”.   None of that.  They have a legal term for a videotape of you and your other doing the nasty – it’s called EVIDENCE.

So CNN is reporting that former ‘Long Island Lolita’ Amy Fisher is now the latest in a long line of celebs (or in her case, people you’ve heard of) who are forced to promote a tape of themselves having sex since, well – it’s out there anyhow.  Hers was distributed by her then estranged husband Louis Bellera while their relationship was going thru a ‘rough period’.  Ironically, the couple got back together.  Ole’ Lou must be one REALLY smooth talker, ’cause that’s a helluva shitstorm to work your way out from under.  If I’d have done that, as unpleasant a thought as THAT mental image is, my face would be decorating a milk carton and my wife would be discussing me in the past tense to a prosecutor’s office.

But no, in a fine display of class and enterprising pluck, Ms. Fisher has decided to settle with an LA production company (for an undisclosed amount, of course) and actually endorse the release of this material.  “I know he’s very sorry” CNN quotes her as saying.

Amy, I’m sure he is.  He’s sorry he got CAUGHT - ’cause now he’s gotta share the money if he ever hopes to re-enact scenes from the video again in this lifetime.  Or maintain possession of his ‘little stunt double’.

I have to admit as being a little curious to watch the tape, but then again, I do love horror movies.  And a lesson I learned from the ‘Pam & Tommy Lee’ debachle a few years back, watch these things with the ‘MUTE’ button firmly in place.  Trust me.

Well, good luck with the new enterprise Ame.  You continually impress us with your insightful taste in men.  I’m sure this will be fun to explain to the grandkids someday.

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2 Responses to “Amy Fisher Now Promoting Sex Tape”

  1. tim says:

    You don’t want to watch this video. I have it. It’s awful. She’s gross.

  2. RevMortis says:

    That’s sad to hear. I had high hopes.

    So basically when you make even sex disgusting, truly you’re not doing the world a favor by SELLING a tape of it. Now I have even less respect for her hubby.

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