Marilyn Manson Interview

As if Reverend Manson would be interviewed by Reverend Mortis, right?  pfffft!  No, below are 4 links to an interview with the self-proclaimed God of Fuck as found on Shockhound.  It’s good stuff, kiddies – this ain’t no MTV interview.  Here’s the press kit info and links;

Chapter I – Manson talks about his identity issues, the rawness of his new album and the meaning behind its lead-off track, “Devour.”

Chapter II – Manson talks about the stories behind the tracks “Pretty As A Swastika” and “Arma-Goddamn-Motherfuckin-Geddon,” and why he almost gave up making music.

Chapter III – Manson talks about voting while drunk, writing “We’re From America,” and how he’s a different person than he was at the beginning of The High End of Low.

Chapter IV – Manson talks about reuniting with Twiggy, and why he would never do reality TV.

As usual, not for the faint of heart. Enjoy!

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