Real Superheroes – Remember those nerds you used to make fun of in High School? The ones who grew up to be costume wearing superfreaks, I mean superfans, and hung out at conventions, usually winding down their evenings with a restraining order against them from Leonard Nimoy?

Well CNN (linked above) has an interesting story about how people like that have started to take things. . . to the next level. Yes, I mean they’re patrolling the mean streets as costumed super heroes now (This should end well. dead pool anyone?).

I recall in the 80’s hearing how there were gangs that collected the berets of Guardian Angels. How long before ‘hero banging’ becomes en vogue amongst the more nefarious amongst us? Or Cape Collecting??

Don’t get me wrong, these folks are brave and if they CAN make a difference in crime (which is a big IF), good for them. But untrained civilians in a warzone have always had another term in the military – they’re called TARGETS. I hate to burst anyone’s bubble, but the comicbook crowd should probably either really join the police force & go about this the legitimate way, or discreetly video record the criminal activity (a la Rodney King’s beating).

I blame Sam Raimi for all of this, personally.

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