Christmas at the Spear’s Family

Yes indeedy, I’m thinking it will be a lively ole’ Christmas for the Spear’s family this year.  So much talk of baby showers and rehab haven’t been mixed together since Kurt Cobain died.    You’d have to be very careful how you reference ‘Christmas snow’, know what I mean?

And just WHO thought it would be a good idea to publish momma Lynne Spear’s book on parenting in the first place?!?  I mean, after Britney’s meltdown you would’ve thought that bad boy had been put on permanent ‘hold’ due to credibility issues.  If they do decide to move forward and publish child rearing’s answer to the ‘Necronomicon’, what will it be called?  “Oops, I did it again!?”. 

I love how on The View, co-host Joy Behar referenced Lynne Spears writing a parenting book as “the equivalent of Jeffrey Dahmer writing a cookbook”.  Nice one Joy.

Wonder if they’ll have to update Jaime Lynn’s figure on Stardoll now? Might leave a lot of explaining to do to the little girls (and paedophiles) that play dress up there.

Since I’ve not followed my own good sense to stay out of this media feeding frenzy, I’d like to close with this one point.  While this teenage tragedy is playing out on primetime, Spears has the money and support of her family that most pregnant teens could only dream of – she and the baby will end up fine.  Harassed maybe, and with a big dent to the ‘wholesome’ reputation thing, but ultimately everybody will be ok.

Meanwhile, half a world away men and women are fighting an unpopular war, in a dangerous & hostile environment, away from family and friends during the biggest Christian holiday of the year.   Shouldn’t THEY be occupying our thoughts more than a fallen Zoey 101 starlet?

Kinda helps keep your perspective, doesn’t it?

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