The Horror! Topless Coffee Shop Victim of Arson. – Follow the link for a modern day tale of terror, at least to me.  A coffee shop in Vassalboro, Maine has had it’s 3 alarm fire ruled as arson.  A coffee shop known for it’s TOPLESS waiters & waitresses, I might add.  Kinda changes the phrase “Want cream with that?”

Yep, the aptly named Grand View Coffee Shop burned down around 1am Wednesday, according to the WMTW website.  Thankfully, six people inside were lucky to have escaped, due to the heroics of a quick thinking ambulance crew who noticed the flames.

Well, I for one hope they can rebuild.  Any establishment that pisses off the neighbors THAT badly gets my unbridled support [no pun].

Plus I’d like to try a lapdance latte if I’m ever in the area.  I’m such a boob.

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2 Responses to “The Horror! Topless Coffee Shop Victim of Arson.”

  1. COD says:

    Seems like torching a commercial establishment would violate a commandment or two.

  2. RevMortis says:

    Well, if extremism teaches us anything, it’s “those rules apply to YOU, not me. I’m on a mission from God”. How many have died for ‘holy’ causes?

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