Manowar release cover of “Silent Night” on their website. No, really – they did.

Under the heading of “You ain’t gonna believe this shit”, American loincloth metallers Manowar have released their first ever Christmas song, a cover of “Silent Night” in both english and german versions.  You can download either of them for free off the band’s website at Http://

I’ve always loved Manowar’s music – it’s a bit cheesy but fun.  True, it’s hard to take 4 guys serious who look like extras from a Conan movie, but they undeniably rock.  ‘Guyana – Cult of the Damned’ or ‘Black Wind, Fire & Steel’.  Great stuff!

But as for this cover, well – it takes balls, I’ll give’em that!  Their rendition is fairly straight forward, and doesn’t even add the band into the mix until roughly 2 minutes into the song.  And when I say ‘add the band’, it’s not in the way you normally think of the barbarians of metal.  It’s more symphonic, along the lines of if Trans-Siberian Orchestra was covering the song.

I’m sure the loyal fans will defend them, & the usual antagonists will use this as additional fodder to berate them.  Me, I respect them for giving the song away for free, and for trying something new. 

I do, however, reserve the right to jump ship if they EVER release a cover of ‘Feliz Navidad’.

They don’t LOOK like elves, do they?

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