My apologies, Dragonforce!

I like my music LOUD! Or creepy. One or the other, thank you. So when I first heard the band Dragonforce (and only a snippet mind you), I thought they were a bit. . .well. . . foo foo. Another power metal band trying to merge Helloween with Dream Theater. Lovely.

They were on the main stage at Ozzfest, and to be honest, I didn’t really listen all that carefully. My mind was made up, there was no changing it. “Fuck them and their power foo foo shit”, I thought. I knew better. Mind you, I STILL hadn’t really listened. Shame on me.

Then, while watching the Headbanger’s Ball one night, they piqued my interest when Jamie Jasta said “up next, a video from the fastest guitarists in the world”. Or something like that. . .I was drinkin’. Anxiously, I waited. “Who could Jamie be referring to?? Steve Vai? Joe Satriani??” I had to know.

After the commercial break, the video to “Operation Ground & Pound” came on. The rest is history. I finally ACTUALLY listened. And boy did I get some serious schoolin’. This wasn’t possible, was it? I mean, HOLY MOSES! What an assault those boys have on the senses. Is it humanly possible to play a guitar that fast!? I mean, Yngwie who? He ain’t got nuthin’ on Herman Li and Sam Totman (Sorry Yngwie).

Call me a convert. There is nothing foo foo about Dragonforce. Ok, they have a more positive vibe than many, but that ain’t so bad is it? And they can play, I mean seriously PLAY! Now I’m truly sorry I was in the beer line at Ozzfest rather than in the lawn listening, where I should have been.

Learn from my mistakes children. Judge not a book by it’s cover (or cover song). Musicians are artists, and as artists they should be given ample opportunity to show their mettle.

Sorry Boys. I apologize.

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