Let that be a Lesson to us all.

So, while checking out Zap2it.com, I see this blurb mentioning tonight’s new episode of “Supernatural”;


I SOO thought of this idea year’s ago.  I have a list of creative thoughts I intend to incorporate into short stories, and this is on it.  Not very high up, mind you ’cause I kinda thought it was a dorky idea.  But still, I feel so violated now. And all I can say is I WAS gonna write it.  Make it like a morbid bedtime tale or something.  I even thought that instead of leaving presents, the Anti-claus would either kidnap bad kiddies and eat them - or chop off limbs, remove teeth while they slept. [Sigh]  Well I guess I’m not gonna write it anymore.  I’ll just see what the team for “Supernatural” came up with.

Like Mom always said, “This is what happens when you procrastinate”.  More talented people come along, get inspired by the same muse, and ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING about it. 

Just like when I thought of that internet thingy.  All over again.

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