New Scientific Study on Beer-Goggling – Because apparently there’s no other health related news today (cough, cough swine flu cough), has an unusual article about Beer Goggling i.e. the act of perceiving someone as more attractive upon reaching your own level of inebriation. There was a time when I could have written a doctoral thesis on this particular subject but I digress. Besides, my kid’s read this blog on occasion. . .

The research was done over in England by two research psychologists with an apparent gift for getting funding on dubious projects and contrary to the title, actually didn’t study the Beer Goggle effect so much as they studied whether alcohol made you less likely to give a damn if a hot chick was underage. Uhm, ok – like I said, these guys had a GIFT for fund raising, mmmk?

Hit the link above and read the whole sordid thing for yourself. Anything else I say here would only be considered evidence.

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