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Iron Maiden – Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls 6/12/08

The ‘Somewhere Back in Time – World Tour ’08’ was pretty much everything I’d hope to see, a good ole’ fashioned Iron Maiden show like back in the golden 80’s - full of pyrotechnics, elaborate staging and featuring most of the hits I wanted to hear.  My wife and I, along with my 16 year old twins […]

Rock School in my House

Tomorrow, the family and I will make the 2+ hour trek to Blossom Music Center to catch Iron Maiden on one of the last few shows in their North American tour.  5 Hours of driving (there and back), God knows how long waiting to actually get in and out of the amphitheater, and the luxury of […]

On – Nectar of the Broke: The World’s 5 Worst Ways to Get Drunk

Every now and again, you find a post that just cries to be linked to properly. This is one of those times. Thunderbird only made #3? Well, wait until you get a load of it’s competition. I’ll never look at toilets the same way now.

The Joy of Dickipedia

Found the site the other day. Note the URL – it’s Dot org, not Dot com. Dickipedia Dot com takes you via redirect to Chickipedia which may get you fired if you happen to hit the ‘photo’ sections at work.  So hit’em at home like everyone else.  But Dickipedia.ORG is a mildly amusing rip-off of […]


Spent the weekend babysitting this little demon. Don’t be fooled by that innocent look – he has claws like mini-daggers, that are magnetically attracted to soft flesh. My crotch area seems to be especially able to summon those blades – not exactly where you want deep scratches, normally. This is my oldest daughter’s dog Dylan, or as my […]

When Did Steve-O Go From Insane to Batshit Crazy?

If you’ve ever watched “Jackass”, either on TV or the movies, then you are damn near intimately familiar with Steve-O, the wide-eyed crazyman in Johnny Knoxville’s entourage.  It really seems there is NOTHING this man won’t try – snorting wasabi?  Shooting bottle rockets out of his ass!?  Eating rodents!?  Yep, the man is truly insane, […]

Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation

Thanks to, I was led to an interesting column on the Grand Junction Free Press regarding ‘Where Have All the X-es Gone?’.  As in Generation X’ers.  I highly recommend clicking the link and giving it a read. And while this is a bit more somber subject matter than I usually cover here, I do […]

Denver Alien – Autopsy Not Included

Did you happen to see the interview of Stan Romanek on CNN’s Larry King live? No?? Well, Mr. Romanek (on the left) is claiming to have footage of a ‘Peeping Tom’ Alien he videotaped on July 17th, 2003 in Nebraska. But you can’t see it, at least not yet. It’s being ‘analyzed’ – y’know, by […]

“Quarantine” Widget with Contest & Trailer

Found this widget in my email and thought I’d share. The contest for airfare & accomodations to the San Diego Comic-con has an entry deadline of June 9th, so you better hurry! As for the trailer, the movie looks like ‘Cloverfield of the Dead’ but hey, maybe it’ll still be good. Dunno. But you know […]

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