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What We Can Learn From Trent Reznor

This subject has been talked to death, so of course I’m gonna weigh in too!  By now, we all know about Trent Reznor’s experiments with online music distribution.  Specifically, the disappointment with his first attempt at ‘Download & Pay What It’s Worth’ distribution (Saul Williams’ release “The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust” which […]

Funny Fake Banner Ads

If you’ve never been to, you may not know that one of the popular features on the site is their ‘fake banner ads’. Granted, these are pretty old posts in some cases but I’m astounded how many of the companies being ridiculed are STILL using these creative concepts – in some cases as much as […]

Xfiles: I Want to Believe Trailer – One day before my birthday (the day of which we do not speak), it arrives;

Victim of Changes

In the car on the way home from Tae Kwon Do practice last week, I did my usual deal of playing whatever was in my CD player for the twins as background music to our conversation.  For this day, my weapon of choice was ‘Unleashed in the East’ by Judas Priest. I played the girls […]

Public Service Announcement – Free Breast Implants is a donation site where legal aged ladies can sign up to raise money for free breast implants - God bless them every one!  Each girl sets up a profile and can upload an unlimited number of pictures of herself, which is considered the best way to encourage donations (DUH!). Benefactors have several ‘support’ options available including just sponsoring […]

Iron Maiden to Grace Billboard Magazine Cover has an excellent post regarding a special supplement to Billboard magazine that drops May 10, with 40 pages in recognition of Iron Maiden and even including a special Iron Maiden cover (as shown here). This marks the first time EVER that Billboard has replaced their trademark logo with a different font, in this case […]

Hooves – Footwear for Trendy Metalheads

Ever heard of Hooves Footwear? Me neither until I stumbled across their somewhat annoying site at Apparently, music producer Nick Raskulinecz and a ‘friend’ decided there were no shoes that “screamed metal” and created this company with the support of Gravis footwear. And basically stole Celtic Frost’s logo to boot [no pun] . . […]

20th Anniversary of ‘Operation: Mindcrime’

May 3rd was the 20th anniversary of argueably one of the greatest progressive metal albums ever released – Queensryche’s “Operation: Mindcrime”.  Thanks to, I found out that another site ( is posting a series of articles by band historian Christa Titus entitled “I Remember Now: The 20th Anniversary of Operation: Mindcrime”. If you follow […]

Cinco De Mayo!!

Two Shows About Bikers in Development for Next Season

I’ve always thought there should be more TV shows about outlaw bikers, the lifestyle seeming to me to be perfect fodder for a weekly series much like the Sopranos. The last decent series I recall that was even somewhat in the same vein was Lorenzo Lamas in ‘Renegade’ (1992 – 1997). So yeah, the time […]

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