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Twiggy Reunited with Marilyn Manson for Tour

According to Manson’s Myspace page, Twiggy Ramirez has rejoined the band and will be on the ‘Rape of the World’ tour which kicks off Jan. 19.  The press release off the site reads; ‘The duo that started it all, are back together to finish where they left off. The two who co-wrote Antichrist Superstar, Mechanical Animals, and […]

The Thinning Wall Between Performer & Audience

One of the more interesting trends I’ve noticed recently in the music world is semi-known musicians offering to give one-on-one lessons to interested fans – either online or sometimes even in person.   My initial thought was how depressing to see ‘the mighty fallen’ and reduced to whoring out their talent for half hour quickies.  But as I thought […]

Scientists Identify 400 Genes That May Cause Addiction

Yahoo is linking to a Reuter’s report where Chinese scientist’s have identified about 400 genes they believe influence people’s addictions.   You can read the article HERE In a related report, the same Chinese scientist’s have identified 398 of these genes in Robert Downey Jr. Ok, I made that last part up.

Music Review: Obituary – Xecutioner’s Return [Candlelight]

Obituary is one of my all-time favorite bands.  Period.  I consider then one of THE definitive Death Metal acts, alongside Cannibal Corpse, Death, Six Feet Under and perhaps Deicide.  That being said, I was excited when the group reunited with the ‘classic’ lineup of vocalist John Tardy, guitarists Allen West & Trevor Peres, bassist Frank Watkins […]

Amy Fisher Now Promoting Sex Tape

First off, the golden rule of sexual deviance is NEVER videotape yourself doing anything you’re not prepared to discuss with your Mom, your priest or your kid’s teachers.  NEVER.  No exceptions. . .no “well, we’ll erase it later”. . .”no one will know it’s us”.   None of that.  They have a legal term for a […]

Celebrity Apprentice Deadpool

In case you’ve been under a rock for the past few weeks, you probably know that the 7th season of Donald Trump’s NBC show ‘Apprentice’, or ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ as this incarnation is called, starts tonight.  This season features 14 celebrities competing to win favor with The Don, and avoid that most infamous of gameshow kill […]

Am I Hot or Not – Black Metal Style

This lovely lady is named  NeKRoMaNiaK! and as of this writing, is in the pole position of the female category at  Apparently, there is an unannounced swimsuit segment to this competition. ‘Cause nothing says “I’m a pretentious wannabe” quite like asking other people to rate your evilness.   I couldn’t make this up even if I wanted […]

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