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Why I am a Fan of the Spicegirls

The Defense rests. Oh, and do I like the new song? How the hell should I know, I’ve been playing the video on mute.

What I’m Listening to Week of 11/12

Still fighting off illness, and the occasional hangover.  I’ve been jumping around from disc to disc, sometimes only listening to a song or so before moving on to the next.  Here’s what’s been in my CD player the past 7 days; Manowar – Gods of War: I’ve yet to see these guys live and I […]

Music Review: Edison Glass – Time is Fiction [Credential]

Deviating from my norm a lot this time by listening to the sophmore full release from indie rockers Edison Glass.  Named after a fictional collaboration between Thomas Edison (more cowbell?) and Phillip Glass, this foursome from Long Island consists of brothers Joe (drums) and Josh “Mountain” (vocals/bass) Morin, Joshua Silverberg (vocals/guitar) and James Usher (guitar), and produces tight […]

Bringing a Tear to My Eye

My daughter and her boyfriend were over for dinner last night, so my wife cooked up a big meal of cheeseburger pie, mashed potatoes, salad, apple crisps and wine for all of us – including my other 2 daughters who still live at home.  Ok, no wine for the last two.  Anyhow, as we sat enjoying the meal my oldest was […]

Seen on a Delivery Truck This Morning. . .

On an unmarked delivery truck this morning, a sticker on it’s left back door read “Driver carries no cash – he’s married”. That’s truth in advertising if ever I’ve seen it.

The Art of Simple Self-Promotion

So as I do concert reviews for this site, one of the things I try to consider is the band’s setlist.  At least as much of it as I can identify.  I’m reluctant to become the type of metal nimrod who stands in the midst of the pit, pen and paper in hand, asking those around […]

Hollywood Writers on Strike for First Time in 20 years

So it’s all over the AP about the Hollywood writer’s strike, and the news is showing clips of Rockefeller center in NYC as a crowd of sign waving strikers (is that a word?) march in front of the world hq of NBC.  I hate the disruption any type of strike brings but realize sometimes they’re a […]

What I’m listening to w/o 10/28

For this fine week of Halloween (yes, I consider it a week long holiday), here is what has made it’s way into my CD player this week;  Midnight Syndicate – Born of the Night: Found this baby used for about $6 bucks the other day.  It goes for about $20 or more on Ebay, so […]

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