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Music Review: Mushroomhead – Beautful Stories For Ugly Children

Picked this CD up at a show a while back & it’s pretty much resided in my car stereo ever since.  This is the 7th studio release by the Alternative metal act out of Cleveland, who are now sporting even creepier masks & continuing to utilize a subtle mixture of various music styles including Prog […]

Music Review: The New Czars – Doomsday Revolution [Samson Records]

After playing this CD entirely through more than a few times, I’ve decided that The New Czars are possibly the most difficult band to categorize I’ve ever reviewed; mixing elements of Hard Rock, Jazz Fusion, Psychedelic, Blues and Funk (yes, FUNK), The Czars remind me of the experimental acts of the 70’s (such as Todd […]

Music Review: Karnivool – Sound Awake

Got a goodie package in the mail awhile back & one of the gifts inside was the latest CD from Prog rockers Karnivool out of Perth, Australia. WOW, what a welcome feast for my eardrums! Technically detailed, it features a multi-layered sound that I would personally describe as a mixture of Tool placed alongside the […]

Music Review: Bigelf – Cheating the Gallows [Custard]

A while back I reviewed the Bigelf show here in Columbus, and as you may recall I really got into these guys.  Well I have in my hot little hands their latest disc entitled ‘Cheating the Gallows’ & I really recommend it. Bigelf is a difficult band to describe.  Their sound varies from song to […]

David T. Chastain Re-releasing First Two Albums on CD – Good news!  The fretmaster from Cincinnati – David T. Chastain is FINALLY releasing his first two albums with the band Chastain on CD.  Yep, for the first time ever legally (nevermind those $60 bootlegs on Ebay) “Mystery of Illusion” (1985) & “Ruler of the Wasteland” (1986) will be available on pristine compact disc – […]

20th Anniversary of ‘Operation: Mindcrime’

May 3rd was the 20th anniversary of argueably one of the greatest progressive metal albums ever released – Queensryche’s “Operation: Mindcrime”.  Thanks to, I found out that another site ( is posting a series of articles by band historian Christa Titus entitled “I Remember Now: The 20th Anniversary of Operation: Mindcrime”. If you follow […]

Music Review: Deadsea – Deadsea [Chrome Leaf]

Hailing from my hometown of Columbus, Ohio is the enigmatic and talented threesome known as Deadsea.  Difficult to pigeon-hole in a single genre, I settled on the word ‘Progressive’ although I could’ve just as easily gone with ‘Avantgarde’ or ‘Experimental’.  The self-titled disc has elements of Doom, Death, Thrash, Classical, Punk and even Jazz mixed into […]

Torman Maxt – The Problem of Pain Part I [Mars Hill]

The third album from Christian Progressive rockers Torman Maxt is the first of a two part concept piece entitled ‘The Problem of Pain Part I’. Part II is apparently already written and will be released sometime in 2008. Anyhow, despite their own admission as being progressive rock, this offering is not your run-of-the-mill ‘progressive’ cd. […]

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