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Horror Fan Buys One Entire Showing For Movie – So a man in Bangalore, India bought every seat to a showing of the movie ‘Phoonk’ to disprove the director’s claims that no one could sit through the entire film alone.  Yes, he survived (DUH!). And while I admire the “shut the hell up” attitude of the fan, I can’t help thinking how sad is […]

Got Tru Blood?

So those wacky marketing guru’s at HBO, in order to promote the upcoming southern vampire series True Blood (debuts Sept. 7th), have begun promoting a ‘synthetic blood’ drink called Tru Blood with various ‘fake’ sites and Myspace pages.  One such site ( allows one to find out his/her ‘type’, buy Tru Blood gear, download wallpapers etc […]

“Quarantine” Widget with Contest & Trailer

Found this widget in my email and thought I’d share. The contest for airfare & accomodations to the San Diego Comic-con has an entry deadline of June 9th, so you better hurry! As for the trailer, the movie looks like ‘Cloverfield of the Dead’ but hey, maybe it’ll still be good. Dunno. But you know […]

Movie Review: Zombie Strippers!

Remember when I heralded Jenna Jameson’s new movie “Zombie Strippers!” as The Most Anticipated Movie of the Summer? Obviously, my tongue was well in cheek when I wrote those lines but guess what? I saw the film last night & I’m happy to report it is as fun and full of campiness as could be […]

Movie Review: Cloverfield

By now, you’ve heard all the hype and whatnot on producer J.J. Abrams’ big monster flick, right?  I got free passes thru a radio station, thought what the heck – I’d check it out with my twins. The movie is shot from a first person perspective, made to look like ‘found’ footage at the ruins of former Central Park […]

Review: I Am Legend [2007]

Just came back from a sneak preview of the much anticipated Will Smith film ‘I Am Legend’ and can sum it up in one word.  Whoa!  I don’t throw this kind of thing around lightly, but Smith deserves an Academy award for his performance. . . not that’ll he even get nominated, seeing as how it’s a […]

Review: 30 Days of Night

I anticipated this baby from the day I heard it was in production and Sam Raimi was involved as producer.  Now that it’s here, the results are uneven, but mostly positive. In our story, Barrow Alaska is getting ready for it’s annual winter month of total darkness, which lasts – ta dah – 30 days.   Unbeknownst […]

Movie Review: Halloween [2007]

Rob Zombie’s re-envisioning of the granddaddy of all slasher films will undoubtably polarize critics as you’ll either love it or hate it vehemently, but it is doubtful you’ll leave the theater somewhere in the middle.  Whereas John Carpenter’s 1978 original helped define the boundaries of a genre, Zombie’s reworking is one part homage, one part decidedly modern (read: violent) […]

Inhyeongsa/The Doll Master [2004]

Lavish & eerie debut effort from writer/director Yong-ki Jeong makes for interesting viewing from a well worn premise. 5 people meet up in the standard lavish house in the deep woods, to pose for a wheelchair-ridden doll maker. But of course, things ain’t what they seem and of course, you know this ain’t gonna end […]

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