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Gaahl to Star in Black Metal Musical – Former Gorgoroth frontman Gaahl has been cast in a ‘black metal musical’ based on the concept album ‘Svartediket’, which is in turn based on myths involving a lake of that name outside of Bergen,Norway. Yep, three words that aren’t often in a sentence together – “black”, “Metal” and “musical”.  Conjures visions of corpse […]

Until The Light Takes Us – A friend (or is that fiend) sent me a link to the official trailer for the upcoming Black Metal documentary ‘Until The Light Takes Us’.  After watching, I can only say ‘whoa’ – hope the actual movie is this good! The story goes that 2 NY filmmakers moved to Norway & literally befriended […]

The Ultimate Black Metal Video

If every black metal band had a decent video budget (ok, and maybe a world class team of CGI artists), I believe THIS would be the type of video they would produce. Best.  Black Metal.  Video.  EVAR.  And no, Satyricon’s “Mother North” is NOT better – even with it’s hot topless chick.  Thanks to Steve […]

The Golden Goat Awards

You know, I got to thinking today as I sometimes do. And I was thinking “Rev (since that’s what I call myself in fictitious conversations in my head) why is it that the Black Metal community doesn’t have their own awards program”? And then I thought “good question self. Why don’t they”? Well, could be […]

Cooking With Dimmu Borgir – Today class, we have an amazing little Black Metal curiosity.    Yes indeedy, a big steaming helping of WTF;  a cooking show with SILENOZ of Dimmu Borgir.  And yeah, it’s the second post in a row featuring material found on the site – so bite me!  (no, they ain’t payin’ me either, […]

Nifleheim, the Black Metal Spinal Tap? – Swedish Black Metal act Nifleheim have created quite a stir with an interview published in Sweden Rock magazine recently.   Specifically the uproar is over insensitive comments made by bassist Tyrant when reminded that the day before the interview had marked the 22nd anniversary of Cliff Burton’s (Metallica) death.  The translated quote goes like […]

Black Metal Ghost Writer

Let’s Talk about Lily Strange, shall we? She’s currently promoting her book “Lost Beneath The Surface”, a self published horror novel that has a somewhat ‘strange’ marketing angle unto itself; her co-author, a ‘ghost writer’ if you will, she claims is truly dead. Furthermore, by dead, I actually mean Dead. . . as in the […]

New Dark Funeral Widget

Got another new widget for you to check out – from Dark Funeral. See it below (seems to load slow at first, but if you click a vid it gets going). Anyhow, thanks to for the info.

Sigh – A Tribute to Venom [The End Records]

Picked up this vinyl/CD combo the other day from The End Records.  As the name implies, it’s a tribute EP performed by legendary Japanese Black Metallers Sigh covering only Venom songs (7 in all). There are two versions currently available – a limited run of etched black vinyl w/CD (2000 copies) and a very limited run of etched […]

The Conquering – A Home We Lost

It’s Black Metal time. . .from my home town of Columbus, Ohio. Yes, you read that correctly. Ohio beeyatches. Talkin’ about The Conquering, a group who have a bit of history with the ole’ Rev. Some members are kind enough to read/comment on this blog occasionally but without regards to that – if they sucked I’d […]

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