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Music Review: Iron Maiden – The Final Frontier [Universal]

Sometimes it’s good to be the Reverend.  Such as when a treat like this comes in the mail (albeit late due to a mix-up at the originating Marketing firm).  Still, it was well worth the wait as Maiden has served up another impressive, heaping plateful of sonic goodness (76 minutes worth, to be exact)! As […]

Music Review: Ozzy Osbourne – Scream

The first new Ozzy in 3 years comes out tomorrow (June 22) so thought I’d weigh in on ‘Scream’. Let me start with a little background. . . This is the first album since 1988’s “No Rest For The Wicked” that doesn’t have Zakk Wylde on guitar & there was plenty of conjecture in the […]

Dave Ellefson Returns to Megadeth – Great news! KNAC is reporting that founding bassist of Megadeth, none other than Dave Ellefson, has rejoined the band for the upcoming Rust in Peace 20th Anniversary Tour. Icing on the cake – for this tour frontman Mega-Dave along with Jr., Ex-Jag Panzer virtuoso guitarist Chris Broderick and drummer Shawn Drover, will be […]

Ozzy Parts Ways with Zakk Wylde

I’m out of it for a few days and all hell breaks loose. is reporting that Ozzy is working on his new album SANS Zakk Wylde. That means, “without” for my more illiterate followers. Yep, it would seem that the Prince of Darkness thinks his songs with Zakk are all starting to sound too […]

Destruction: Vicious Circle – Seven Deadly Sins – I’ve been listening to this song (ok, playing the video) and thought I’d share with the (black) masses. Oh yeah, follow the link to Blabbermouth for a chance to meet the band.

Happy Birthday, Ozzy! – Yep, the Prince of Darkness turns 60 today! Honestly, I thought he was older. . . must be thinking of his liver. Or maybe just mine. Interestingly, he shares his birthday with Daryl Hannah (48), Brendan Frasier (40) & Andy Williams (81). Time for a duet with Mr. Williams, I think. Andy would […]

Judas Priest Fan Listens to ‘Nostradamus’ for 145 Days Straight! – Tomorrow, Friday November 7th, will mark the 145th straight day that crazed Judas Priest fan Jim Bartek has listened to the entire double CD set ‘Nostradamus’ all the way through.  Some days, more than one time in a day.  Needless to say, this Cleveland Ohio man seems to like it a little, or […]

So Did Metallica Save Metal?

I’ve intentionally avoided all the hub-bub over the new Metallica album “Death Magnetic” because frankly, it’s been covered to death elsewhere. I’ve even only heard one song so far – “That Was Just Your Life” and found it more guitar driven than usual, and with less overall crunch.  Still, it was much better than anything on […]

It’s Finally Coming – The White Zombie Boxed Set!

Per Rob Zombie’s Myspace page; Well, I am now holding the finished newly master WZ box set in my hands. Yes, it is done! A long time coming but it is here. I’m not sure what the release day is yet, but it shouldn’t be much longer. I’m pretty you’ll be getting under your Christmas […]

Headbanging for Jesus – Fratello Metallo

Meet Cesare Bonizzi – a Capuchan monk from Musocco City (near Milan, Italy) & lead vocalist for the metal band Fratello Metallo (translated as ‘Metal Brother’ according to Google).    Holy Diver indeed! According to Reuters UK, Friar Bonizzi became a metalhead after getting into Metallica about 15 years ago and doesn’t use his metal pulpit to preach Christianity, […]

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