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Merry, Merry

Found this pic of a badass Santa online & had to share it. Maybe more kids would believe in the Fat Man if he released this type of press? Talk about ‘scared straight’. Anhow, enjoy some time off with your family, kiddies. And always remember, dyslexic Luciferians worship Santa. Now where’s my ho, ho, ho’s […]

Pic of the Week: Irishfest – Action Photo

Here’s one you haven’t seen yet, a “caught in the act” photo of yours truly awaiting Scythian to come onstage at the Dublin Irish Festival. My oldest daughter Jill took the picture, and yes – one of those Killian’s is hers. A Killian’s for Jillian. That’s my story & I’m stickin’ to it.

Pic of the Week: Detonation

Haven’t done one of these in a while, so what the hell. This is Detonation, a Death/Thrash metal band out of the Netherlands.  They’re pretty rockin’, you can check’em out on Myspace at their page HERE.   Reminds me of a kindred band to Testament – not a bad thing, right? But what’s with this […]

Pic of the Week: Sanctification

Pic of the Week – EnemyNside

Pic of the Week – Inauguration Photo from Satellite

Without regard to anyone’s particular political leanings, this photo from CNN is pretty impressive. That’s a cubic buttload of people in one place. And I guarantee not nearly enough Port-o-Potties! Check it out at CNN

Pic of the Week – Vomitory

Here we see those giggling gooses from Sweden’s own Vomitory, all prominently displaying how dandruff free they’ve become since switching to Head n’ Shoulders shampoo. Pic stolen from

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