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Tweets From The Walking Dead

I rarely use Twitter, but I do have an account (linked from this site, in fact). I noticed recently that I’m being followed by Shane Walsh, the deputy on AMC’s The Walking Dead (a show I absolutely love, BTW). What’s interesting is I’m not being followed by the actor Jon Bernthal, I’m being followed by […]

The Trailer for Elder Scrolls – Skyrim looks AWESOME!

I was gonna post my review of the Holy Grail/Cauldron show from Friday, but dammit – it’s sunny outside and we’re expected to get tons of rain in the forecast after today. Not to be confused with the tons of rain we’ve already gotten this Spring, but I digress. So for now, please enjoy this […]

Virus, Virus Everywhere

And not a drop to drink.  Oh wait, I believe the quote is ‘water, water everywhere’.  Meh, you get the idea.  I’ve spent the better part of two days fighting a nasty little trojan virus on my daughter’s computer.  It’s a renaming, Spybot blocking, anti-virus hiding piece of crap that reroutes webpages when you do […]

“Space Internet” is Coming

Albuquerque Express – According to this linked article, NASA will have a viable “space internet” by 2011, which will allow for broadband access between planets, space stations, shuttles etc.   Sounds frivalous at first until you realize how much that kind of communication is a necessity for continued space exploration. Which begs the question – how […]

The Ultimate Black Metal Video

If every black metal band had a decent video budget (ok, and maybe a world class team of CGI artists), I believe THIS would be the type of video they would produce. Best.  Black Metal.  Video.  EVAR.  And no, Satyricon’s “Mother North” is NOT better – even with it’s hot topless chick.  Thanks to Steve […]

Just What the World Needed: Iboobs

Gizmodo – From the “Pointless Iphone Apps Department” we have the unofficial release – Iboobs.  It’s exactly as bad as it sounds; a pair of breasts in a bikini top jiggle as you move the iphone.  TA DA!  Technology at it’s finest.  Follow the link to check it out for yourself. And yeah, I may […]

Humanity Will Never Reach It’s Potential. . . Due to Facebook

Yep, I’m pretty sure we are doomed as a human race, and it’s all Facebook’s fault.  I mean, man – what DID i do before spending an hour or more a day saving the rain forest, passing along virtual drinks to friends, sharpening up my Texas Hold-em skills and maintaining my Mafia?  I don’t know […]

Fun With Computing

I haven’t  been posting much due to the fact the my computer was deciding to arbitrarily crash on me.  Kinda hard to get anything done when that happens. After a little research, I had narrowed it down to either power supply, CPU fan or video card.  Was really hoping it wasn’t the video card;  it’s […]

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