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New Look

As part of my renewed commitment to this site, I’ve updated & upgraded the theme. Thanks to the wonderful folks at New WordPress Themes, The Rim Of Hell is now fully WordPress 3.1 compliant & has more bells & whistles than I can shake a stick at (not all of which have been enabled, but […]

Careful With That URL, Eugene

My Buddy Steve sent me this via email & I thought it was not only funny, but good honest educational material too. Bottom line – if you’re setting up a website, be VERY careful how the URL spells out. Remember, URL’s are case insensitive before the first slash after .com (or whatever top level domain […]

What Just Happened?

I did another site upgrade. Those of you who’ve been around here a few times might have caught me experimenting with different themes etc. as my old theme more or less combusts at smaller screen resolutions. Today I upgraded to ‘Fractal’ by Milo317. You may recall I used her theme ‘Hal’ before but since she’s […]

New Look

A few posts back I mentioned that my existing theme was having problems adjusting to WordPress 2.7.  Actually, it had always had problems being viewed correctly on monitors with lower resolution settings,  so in the back of my mind it’s been a nagging goal to revamp. So here it is – at least for now.  […]

Where ya’ been, Rev?

Might not see me on here quite as much for a while as work has gotten busier.  Fear not, I check this site a few times/day minimum & won’t go too long without an update.  Even if only a shorter one (ok, who just cheered out there !?) Also, I’m aware some of the links […]

Rim of Hell Astore Now Open

I’ve created an Astore on to peddle wares that fall in line with my interests, and thus topics of discussion often found on this site. It can be accessed thru the Store tab off the homepage or just by going HERE. You can go anywhere on Amazon from this storefront and any purchases will […]

WordPress 2.5 upgrade successful.

Ok, at the risk of sounding like a broken record – let me know if anything’s not working.  In the span of 30 min., I upgraded to WordPress 2.5 as well as downloaded & installed new versions of two plugins.  Damn, I’m gettin’ good at this stuff! Actually, part of what makes WordPress awesome – aside from […]

Multiple RSS Feeds

If you’ve been here before, you may have noticed the very LARGE RSS feed icon on the upper righthand side has been replaced by 2 smaller versions – one for the main Posts, one for user Comments.  Nothing particularly earthshaking about any of this, I only mention it in case any of you who do subscribe […]


Short post tonight ’cause I’m tired.  And gotta save energy for Marilyn Manson tomorrow night.  Review will follow, of course. Anyhow, notice a little skull in front of the URL now – at the top of your browser?  That little booger took me FOREVER to get working properly.  I mean, months.  Why?  Favicon’s are easy, you […]

Playing with more Widgets

Ok, short post tonight ’cause I’ve been up since 4am – and I ain’t used to it.  Not whining, I’m just stating a fact.  In the meantime, I’m playing around with a Digg Widget (off to the right) instead of the Del.Icio.Us listings that I never seem to get around to updating.  Digg is set up […]

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