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Music Review: Krokus – Hoodoo

After 20 years, the original line-up of Krokus have reunited and brought forth a new release – Hoodoo.  Fans of the world rejoice! That pretty much sums up the new body of work in my opinion; if you like Krokus & are a fan of classics like “Screaming in the Night” or “Midnight Maniac”, you […]

Scorpions To Do One Final Tour – According to the official statement posted at the link, the Scorpions are releasing one final album and following it up with a tour. And that’ll be that. I can remember when these guys were playing sold-out shows in stadiums all across the country. Seems surreal that they will be calling it quits soon. […]

D.A.D. Release “Bad Craziness Beer” – Interesting article following the link about the newest release from Copenhagen rockers D.A.D., performers of this blog’s namesake tune ‘Rim of Hell’. But that was waaay back in 1989. Since then the band has still been releasing albums that pretty much no one on this side of the Atlantic has known, or seemingly […]

Axl Rose on Why He Still Uses the Guns N’ Roses Name. -Very lengthy post copied on Blabbermouth, originally posted on, where Mr. Rose himself responds to several fan questions – most specifically centering around his continued use of the G N’ R name while being the only remaining original member.  Not gonna cut/paste it here, you really should check out the whole thing at […]

Mick Mars – Then & Now

I was thinking about Motley Crue guitarist Mick Mars today, specifically his long & undoubtedly painful battle with the arthritis Ankylosing Spondylitis. I guess Thanksgiving had me counting my blessings more than usual. Seriously tho, the usually reserved fretburner lives daily with a situation that would send many of us into a surging downward spiral […]

Motley Crue’s Announcement Tomorrow. Judgement Day for Music Fans?

Motley Crue is expected to make a major announcement tomorrow April 15th at 4pm PST – that’s 7pm to those of us in Hell. Yes, Hell is on Eastern Standard Time. See, you learn something new here every day! Anyways, the ‘major’ announcement is heavily, heavily rumored to be a tour (Cruefest)and the fact that […]

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