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11 Free MP3’s From Epitaph – Taste of Chaos

Want some new mp3’s – LEGAL ones? Well, is giving away 11 high quality mp3’s (256kb/full stereo) from Epitaph records to help promote the Taste of Chaos artists. Hey, free is ALWAYS in my price range – probably yours too! Now you do have to sign up for an account on Shockhound (also free) […]

Zombie Rock

A while back I did a post about free online zombie games & it  continues to be a well read article to this day.  Now, being that I do love zombies, let’s look again at our restless dead friends, only this time to a small subgenre of horror metal – that of Zombie Rock.  And no, I ain’t […]

Introducing Jack Ripper

Jack Ripper.  Remember the name as you’re sure to be seeing it again.  He’s a 12 (!!!) year old guitar prodigy out of Phoeniz, AZ who’s mentioned in a great little post on   That same post also links to an interview he did with XM radio’s Eddie Trunk, as well as some awesome footage of the young shredder playing […]

What I’m Listening to Week of 11/12

Still fighting off illness, and the occasional hangover.  I’ve been jumping around from disc to disc, sometimes only listening to a song or so before moving on to the next.  Here’s what’s been in my CD player the past 7 days; Manowar – Gods of War: I’ve yet to see these guys live and I […]

What I’m listening to w/o 10/28

For this fine week of Halloween (yes, I consider it a week long holiday), here is what has made it’s way into my CD player this week;  Midnight Syndicate – Born of the Night: Found this baby used for about $6 bucks the other day.  It goes for about $20 or more on Ebay, so […]

What I’m listening to. . . week of 10/15

Not as much stuff has blasted thru my CD player as of late, but here’s what I recall; Midnight Syndicate – Vampyre: Symphonies from the Crypt: Harpsichords, creepy organs & sinister synths OH MY!  Really like “Blackest Rose” off of this disc. SkeletonWitch – Beyond the Permafrost: “Blackened Thrash” out of Athens, OH.  I’ve seen […]

What I’m listening to. . . w/o October 1

Ok, been all over the place on musical genres this week; Midnight Syndicate – Realm of Shadow:  Atmospheric & creepy cinematic-type orchestrations. Five Finger Death Punch – The Way of the Fist: Heavy duty aggro-metal with decent melodies. Ancient – Night Visit : Good ole’ fashioned Norwegian Black Metal.  Very underrated. Nile – Ithyphallic : The […]

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