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Kidzboppin’ “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn”

I learned today that on May 15th, a new Kidzbop CD will drop – “Kidzbop Sings Monster Ballads”.   I don’t normally cruise the Kidzbop site, thank you very much -  I got a press release (so no need to alert Chris Hansen just yet). Anyhow, what’s significant about this edition of the long running & […]

Anti-Zombie Fortress

Thanks to my friend Betsy for the link to Know Your Meme re: the Anti-Zombie Fortress in Japan. Hopefully with all of their problems recently, a zombie outbreak isn’t imminent anytime soon (plus any reader of this site already knows that patient zero is Jeff Hanneman of Slayer). Anyhow, enjoy

The Incomparable Rob Zombie

Totally stealing this story from a Mr. Jason Spruill, who posted on Facebook the following story in response to a question from Live Nation about “Most Memorable Concert Experience”. I’ll let Mr. Spruill say it in his own words; Rob ZOMBIE sayin at MAYHEM in OKC 81410 were goin to get fined 2500 for every […]

Happy V-day!

Video: The Master’s Sack 36

Found on Youtube.  . . one word, OMG!  Yeah, I know it’s long at 9:41, but watch it.  WATCH IT!  Freakin’ hilarious!  Funnier than 95% of the crap on broadcast TV and 100% of anything on MTV.  Enjoy. disclaimer: Not safe for work, church, and in the presence of minors.  The Rim of Hell does […]

Heavy Metal Satan Fingers

Found this online & thought it was amusing; an analysis of the different types of ‘Satan Fingers’.  Not a complete list, by any means – it doesn’t have Ronnie James Dio’s infamous Devil Horns gesture, for example. Perhaps I’m just reading too much into it. . .

If Rob Zombie Had Adapted ‘Where The Wild Things Are’

Kinda Funny. . . and in keeping with a recent topic. G4 gives us an answer to that age old question – “hey, what if Rob Zombie had adapted Where The Wild Things Are?”. Enjoy.

More Bad Habits In A Public Restroom

A gift for you as we prepare to enter another work week.  Many moons ago, I described 8 bad habits I’ve encountered in public men’s rooms – such as auto-erogenous behavior, loud phlegm hacking or talking on your cell phone with the free hand. You can refresh your memory HERE if you like. Well, the […]

George Clooney Hates Facebook

A little off-topic for around here, but what the hell. A friend shared a quote from ole’ Geo that was published in People regarding his feelings towards Facebook; I would rather have a rectal examination on live TV by a fellow with cold hands than have a Facebook page. Ok then. So I guess Jorge […]

Patient Zero Identified

The Rim of Hell has acquired this exclusive snapshot of the believed epicenter of the swine flu outbreak, patient zero.  Although the CDC isn’t commenting, we feel the evidence is fairly damning. . .

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