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Cinco De Mayo!!

Dethklok – Need I Say More?

Ok, I’ll admit it. I’m late to the ball on this one. . .very, very late. I’ve avoided watching Metalocalypse on Cartoon Network for over a year now because I thought it was another ‘Beavis & Butthead’ type piece of crap. Well, there are similarities – it’s totally tasteless, humor in the lowest vein & […]

The After-effects of Shoveling 20 Inches of Snow

Well, that snow storm I mentioned in my last post ended up being a full blown, take me back to Kansas blizzard that deposited 20 inches of snow into my driveway.  Ok, it was in EVERBODY’s driveways, but I only had to clear mine. Roughly 5 hours later (over 2 days), I have all blacktop & […]

Merry Christmas!

Yeah, that’s right.  Christmas.  Not ‘Happy Holidays’ or ‘Seasons Greetings’.  No sissy-fied attempt at being PC.  Just a simple ‘Merry Christmas’.  In that spirit, check out the long, sexy Santa gloves from That’ll make you set out more than just milk and cookies, eh? If you don’t celebrate Christmas, enjoy the peace and quiet.  […]

Happy Thanksgiving, Turkeys!

Now turn off your damn computer and go be with your family.  If you don’t have any family to be with, go donate your time at a homeless shelter so you won’t have to be alone (and neither will they). Thanksgiving is meant to be shared.  ENJOY!

Happy Halloween!

For some reason, this picture makes me feel all tingly. Why doesn’t SHE come trick or treating at my door? You can order this costume, and tons more at For God’s sake, at least browse the pictures!

X-files: I ordered it!

A few weeks ago I posted how I was going to use the knowledge from the book “The Secret” to gain a shiny new ‘X-files: The Ultimate Collection’ boxed set from  Of course, I don’t actually own “The Secret”, nor have I read it . . . or ever intend to, for that matter […]

Goodbye Spam! Hello new users!!

I wrote a blog article a few weeks ago announcing the removal of banner ads and the fact that my RSS feeds were now fixed.  Apparently, somewhere in that brief monologue I accidently spelled out the ancient, forbidden rite invoking the SPAM demons, because I’ve had a bit of an infestation ever since then.  Always […]

Register to comment – blame the Spam Fucks

Sorry, but I had to go there.  I’ve been getting about 4-5 spam comments a day, which considering my traffic, is abominable.  So, I’ve made it manditory that you must register to comment. I really hate to do that – but as with most things on the ‘net, a few overzealous assholes ruin things for […]

Uncovering “The Secret” for myself

So if you’ve been to a bookstore or movie theater recently, you’ve probably heard the buzz about the book, now ‘documentary’ movie, “The Secret”.  I have to admit like many people it did make me curious, but I’m too cheap to actually buy the book, or go see the movie.  So I did what any […]

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